Catarina Mina Project

The 1st Brand in Brazil with 100% Transparency


In 2015 Catarina Mina decided to embrace what already was in their soul: handicraft. But how could they embrace it whilst still looking out for the people, artisans and designers, involved? 

They decided to make public the production budget of each of their products. It was a way to call attention to not only their priorities, but it was also a way of questioning what is so often taken for granted on the crafting of a fashion product. They were the first fashion brand in Brazil to undertake this initiative.

They spend less financial effort on the brand image and more dedication to people who really make Catarina Mina happen. This becomes real on their choice for raw material, on the amount paid to the artisans and seamstresses and also on the respect given to their own time and pace whilst producing. Catarina Mina´s nature is outlined by the artisans and they get effective share of the Company's incomes. 

The most special thing about Uma Conversa Sincera (An Honest Chat) Project is the fostering of strong relationships. Through these open conversations with the artisans and designers, Catarina Mina is creating a powerful brand which shows commitment to its people, at all levels. 

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