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Fábio Sarzi (Vice-President) Zé do Anache (President) and Zé Maria (Project Leader) at MASC Headquarters

Lachesis London has established a partnership with the Brazilian charity organisation MASC (Movimento de Apoio Social Campo-grandense).

Through this collaboration, Lachesis London is providing support to MASC's initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the local community of Vila Anache in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Lachesis London has pledged to provide 1% of its sales revenue to MASC's mission across various areas, including education, sport and social welfare. This partnership exemplifies the power of international cooperation in driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on communities.

About MASC (Movimento de Apoio Social Campo-grandense)

MASC is a prominent charity organization based in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. With a strong commitment to improving the lives of the local community, MASC has become a beacon of hope for those in need. Through a variety of initiatives and programs, MASC addresses key social challenges through the implementation of projects at the local Vila Anache community.

MASC’s social welfare projects aim to uplift disadvantaged individuals through various support systems, including vocational training and community development programs. Their efforts go beyond immediate relief, aiming to create sustainable change that positively impacts lives long term.

MASC’s collaboration with Lachesis London showcases its commitment to forging global connections in pursuit of their mission. With an unwavering dedication to making a difference, MASC continues to be a driving force in transforming Campo Grande’s social landscape and offering a brighter future for Vila Anache’s  residents.

About Projeto Limeirão

Under the umbrella of MASC’s organisational structure, lies Project Limeirão, initiated by Zé Maria, a former professional footballer in Brazil. With a deep-rooted passion for both football and social impact, Zé Maria has channeled his energy and influence into creating a positive change through this project.

The core objective of Project Limeirão is to provide a platform for underprivileged children of Vila Anache’s community to engage in the beautiful game of football, while simultaneously fostering their personal and social development. Through organised training sessions and mentorship, the project not only hones their football skills but also imparts valuable life lessons.

Zé Maria’s experience as a footballer brings a unique perspective to the project, as he understands the transformative power that sports can have on young lives. By offering a safe and supportive environment, Project Limeirão strives to instill values such as teamwork, discipline, and determination in these children, equipping them with tools that extend beyond the field.

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