Philanthropy, Sustainability and Charitable Causes are extremely important to us at Lachesis London and we aim to engage only with suppliers who champion and truly embrace these elements in their way of doing business.


Our supplier of luxury leather bags, Zanir Furtado, has a wonderful environmental sustainability related programme in which a tree is planted in the Pantanal region (the world's largest tropical wetland area located in Brazil) for every Zanir Furtado bag purchased. 

Catarina Mina, our supplier of handicraft chic bags, is the first fashion brand in Brazil to make public the production budget of each of their products. It was a way to call attention to not only their priorities, but it was also a way of questioning what is so often taken for granted on the crafting of a fashion product: the artisans behind it. 

Monfaradi Mare, the supplier of our beach ballerinas, uses recyclable and sustainable materials in their products - the packaging bag in which the ballerinas come with is made of cassava and sweet potato and will disintegrate within 6 months should it go in the ocean. 


Lachesis London has established a partnership with the Brazilian charity organisation MASC (Movimento de Apoio Social Campo-grandense). Through this collaboration, Lachesis London is providing support to MASC's initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the local community of Vila Anache in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Lachesis London has pledged to provide monthly financial contribution to MASC's mission across various areas, including education, sport and social welfare. This partnership exemplifies the power of international cooperation in driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on communities.

Lachesis London is also financially assisting Grupo Espirita da Prece, a charity organisation based in the Brazilian city of Campo Grande, which helps homeless families through the provision of food, clothing and day shelter. At the present moment, they assist over 300 families a month.