Supplier Code of Conduct



Lachesis London Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Operating with integrity is paramount to our relationships and to our aspiration to be recognised by our customers and community as a responsible business.
  • We expect our suppliers to share our vision and commitments and to follow these through in their supply chain, including sub-contractors.
  • We collaborate with independent brands, defined as businesses owned, operated, or overseen by the designer or their family.
  • The majority of our collections are locally crafted in limited production runs, either by skilled artisans or the designers themselves whenever feasible.
  • We advocate for a fair and transparent supply chain, ensuring that our suppliers refrain from employing sweatshops, trafficked labour, bonded labour, child labour, or forced labour. Therefore, we expect our suppliers to comply with applicable local laws and regulations and ensure that no underage labour has been used in the production of the products.
  • Our commitment extends to not using farmed fur, exotic skins, or feathers. While we offer animal hides like cow and lamb, they are sourced as co-products of the meat industry. We staunchly reject products where an animal is killed solely for its skin.
  • Each design we feature is exclusive, original, and the intellectual property of the respective brand. All items undergo production either by the designer or under their close supervision, adhering to stringent quality standards. We adamantly refuse to sell products that misrepresent another designer's work as an original creation.
  • Embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement, we encourage all our suppliers to assess and minimize the environmental impact of their operations and where possible, to have clear procedures in place to ensure direct and indirect environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing of the products are understood, measured and managed.

If it is not ethical, Lachesis London will not engage in it!