About Lachesis London

The story of Lachesis London takes root in a conversation between friends who shared a strong interest for both fashion and entrepreneurship.

The vision behind Lachesis’s creation is to bring a new narrative for luxury fashion and to create a platform where luxe is embraced and celebrated in a new way.

Nowadays, the concept of luxury is no longer associated exclusively to mainstream brands, it has a much broader meaning and transcends the traditional parameters: it embraces craftsmanship (time is the most precious commodity of the modern world!), superior quality, design empowerment and social and environmental responsibility. And it was based on these elements that Lachesis London was created.

The name Lachesis, pronounced la.kuh.suhs, finds its origin in Greek mythology where it represents one of the trio of goddesses shaping destinies. Aptly chosen, it symbolises the powerful hand of fate that orchestrated connections and reunions, paving the way for the birth of Lachesis London.

Lachesis London is a concept online store of curated Brazilian-inspired ethical and sustainable luxury fashion accessories. It champions craftsmanship, beauty, design and exclusivity through working with suppliers aligned with our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and who place philanthropy and sustainability at the heart of their businesses. Just like we do.