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Lachesis London

Monfaradi Mare Beach Ballerina

Monfaradi Mare Beach Ballerina

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Lachesis London's First Summer Collaboration!

These gorgeous soft gel beach ballerinas are a must-have item for any Summer holiday! Lightweight, comfortable and practical they will protect your feet from hot sand and pebbles whilst keeping you super stylish. Wear them on the beach, swimming pool or spa.

The Lachesis London burgundy foot-band will help your ballerinas to stay on while you swim.

It is recommended to wet your ballerinas to put them on more easily; wear them snug to swim, as they will loosen slightly in the water.

Care Instructions

Care Tips for Your Beach Ballerinas

*Handwash them using a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

*Shake off excess water, towel or air dry.

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